About Us

About Us

New Jersey Tamil Peravai (NJTaP) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the state of New Jersey, working towards bringing Tamil people together under a common platform. The State of New Jersey has one of the largest populations of Tamil people in the United States. Tamils are spread all over New Jersey from Jersey City in the north to Cherry Hill in the south. NJTaP is one of the largest Tamil organizations in New Jersey. Hundreds of Tamils visit the events conducted by NJTaP and attend various Tamil Schools in New Jersey.

The objectives of NJTaP are to promote Tamil language education; To nurture Tamil culture; To guide Tamils who immigrate to New Jersey through immigration forums; Educational programs for the students; Competitions such as Spelling Bee, Public speaking, and other activities; To bring Tamils under one common platform; Support Tamilnadu in various charitable activities and help one another in the time of need.
In the path laid out by our great Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar, “All people are the same by birth", NJTaP strives to unite all Tamils together. We call upon the Tamil people to join together towards the path of eminence in New Jersey.

Every year, NJTaP conducts various events to bring NJ Tamils together through cultural events, Music, Arts, Sports, knowledge forums, and other events. NJTaP conducts four major events and various small-scale events.

The First Major event of the year is the Thai Pongal, the Tamil harvest festival to thank nature & farmers for their produce. This occasion brings out the best of the Tamil language & arts, music, food, and other important aspects of Tamil Culture. Celebrities from Tamilnadu participate in this event to add color to the function.

In April “Chithirai Vizha", the Tamil New year is celebrated by NJTaP. In this event, we conduct “Peravai Singer" which is modeled like the American Idol. We also conduct various competitions for kids such as oratory, recitals, and other contests. The event ends with a musical event and a delicious dinner. Tamils from all over New Jersey join this event.

In July, NJTaP conducts “Kodai Vizha" or “Summer Fest" as a sporting event. We conduct walkathons, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, and Tennis Tournaments. Adding color to this sporting event is the Tamil Traditional games such as Kabadi, Kho kho, and other games.

In October-November, we celebrate the Holiday Season with the fall function called “Ilaiyuthir Vizha". This event is modeled as a Talent show and will showcase various young talents in the field of dance, Arts, Music, and indoor Sports. Indoor sports include Chess, Carrom, and other games.

Apart from these four major events, NJTaP conducts several small-scale events known as “Arivarangam" or Knowledge forums on Tax filing, higher education in America, immigration, Health, Tamil literature, History, and many more. Some of these events are conducted in English which attracts audiences from outside the Tamil community.

In a year, NJTaP conducts nearly 15 events. This is possible only due to membership, sponsorship, and generous donations from the New Jersey Tamil community. Thanks to all of them, NJTaP is now the largest Tamil organization in New Jersey. Some of our sponsors are New York Life Insurance, Cardinal Integrated Technologies, Smart IT Frame, Aroopa Technologies, Anjappar Chettinad Restaurant, A2B Indian Restaurant, Dosa Grill, Lavanya Boopalan – Real Estate, and Oorla.

NJTap has completed four years of its journey and is currently in its fifth year in 2023. Within a short period, NJTaP has become the largest Tamil Organization by membership in New Jersey. NJTaP needs the support of the Tamil community through membership and the sponsors through sponsorship to continue its journey. Together, we can achieve many more milestones.

NJTaP website, YouTube Channel, and Facebook pages provide a glimpse of the various organizational activities.

Our Sponsors

Team 2024

Board of Directors

Board of Directors of New Jersey Tamil Peravai

  • Chinnasamy Papanan (BoD – Chair)
  • Sasikumar Ranganathan
  • Kabilan Velliya
  • Shanthi Thangaraj
  • Karuppiah Ganesan

Executive Committee – 2024

2024 Executive Committee of the New Jersey Tamil Peravai

Executive Committee

  • Srilakshmi Kalyanasundaram – President
  • Udayakumar Krishnamurthy – Vice President
  • Senthilvasan Srinivasan – Secretary
  • Porchelvi Vendhan – Joint Secretary
  • Kala Naresh – Treasurer

General Committee

  • Ramalakshmi Natarajan
  • Pramila Kanniappan
  • Subramanian Angappan
  • Jeganathan Kamaraj 
  • Rajasekar Veluchamy
  • Dhana Sivaprakasam
  • Balamuthan Sonai
  • Raja Elangovan
  • Rajkumar Ganapathi
  • Kosalram Kuppuswami
  • Kathiravan Loganathan
  • Manikandan Jayaraman
  • Dhanasekar Muthusamy
  • Sakthi Pichaimani
  • Sivakumar Santhalingam
  • Mahesh Kannan Sellamuthu
  • Vijay Swaminathan
  • Manisekaran Chellamuthu
  • Muthukumar Ramasamy