FAQ - Frequently asked questions about NJTaP

1. Why NJTaP?

New Jersey Tamil Peravai (NJTaP), an association for Tamils in New Jersey is the largest Tamil organization by membership in New Jersey. 

NJTaP provides a common platform to bring Tamils together to preserve our classical Tamil language, culture, arts, and literature. NJTaP helps in passing our rich heritage to the next generation through various educational, cultural and entertainment programs.

NJTaP applauds the children learning our classical Tamil language through Tamil schools geographically spread across the state of NJ. With years of experience in educating Tamil language and culture to children of NJ, the founders of NJTaP have created New Jersey Tamil Peravai as a platform to provide opportunities to explore the cultural, literature and other aspects of Tamil language which can't be taught in the Tamil Schools.

NJTaP is also committed to create platforms for educational excellence of Tamil youth in today's competitive school/college environment. 

NJTaP provides the youth with a platform for

  • College admission
  • SAT/ACT exams
  • College Financial Aid process
  • Communication, public speaking etc
  • Nurture diverse skills in art, music, sports, etc
  • Ignite the passion to help people in need
  • Contribute time and efforts for charities
  • Involve in community activities

NJTaP assists Tamil people to connect together and to help each other in their needs.

NJTaP leads the Tamils for various charity and social causes not just in NJ, but wherever Tamils need help across the globe.

2. Why become a member of NJTaP?

NJTaP desires to bring all Tamils together on a common platform to build a strong Tamil community, to appreciate our cultural heritage, and cherish our language, history, literature, arts, music and other values.

NJTaP is also focused on the needs of the Tamil people in New Jersey, helps in networking with fellow Tamils to seek and get help and share the knowledge of living in America, to connect for other charity and social causes.

3. What is the membership fee for NJTaP?

As a NJ registered non-profit organization, NJTaP charges a nominal fee for the annual membership to cover the operating cost.

Annual Members will have a discount to programs held over the year.

Various membership options are available:

  • Single: $25
  • Family and children: $50 (Husband, Wife, and children)

4. What’s NJTaP structure?

NJTaP is managed by

  • Board of Directors (BOD)
  • Executive Committee (EC) with 5 officers in various roles such as President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer.
  • General Council (GC), of about 27 members to manage the different committees such as Programs, Food, Sponsorship, Ticketing, Communications, Marketing, etc

5. How NJTaP officers are chosen?

NJTaP conducts yearly elections to elect four members for EC, such as Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Treasurer. The current Vice President gets automatically advanced as the president for the following year. Any vacancies identified in the General council also get filled through elections for the GC.

Detailed election procedures are available in NJTaP Bylaws.

6. How NJTaP is governed?

NJTaP is primarily governed by the bylaws. Detailed bylaws are available in the website.

7. Can i become a leader in NJTaP ?

NJTaP democratically conducts elections and provides equal opportunities to everyone who has served in the organization to achieve a leadership role.

NJTaP is the largest Tamil organization by membership in New Jersey, and we welcome New Jersey Tamils to be part of our organization. Become a member today and Annual members who continue as NJTaP members for two successive years are eligible to become a General council members and move on to leadership positions in the Executive committee. So, if you want to contribute to the Tamil community in New Jersey and hope to serve as its leader in the future, become a member today.

Join as a Member – https://njtamilperavai.org/membership/