FAQ - Frequently asked questions about NJTaP

1. Why NJTaP?

NJTaP provides a social equality platform where all Tamils will come together irrespective of their differences to preserve our classical Tamil language, culture, arts, and literature.

NJTaP aids passing our rich heritage to the younger and next generation through various cultural and entertainment programs.

NJTaP applauds the children learning our mother tongue through Tamil schools geographically spread across the state of NJ.

With years of experience in educating Tamil language and culture to children of NJ, the founding organizers of NJTaP decided to introduce new areas to learn to prepare Tamil youth for a better tomorrow.

NJTaP identifies developing soft skills is a key need for the youth to be competitive in the school/college environment and eventually for a very successful career in their future.

NJTaP provides the youth with a platform to

  • develop in the areas of communication, public speaking etc
  • nurture diverse skills in art, music, sports, etc
  • ignite the passion to help people in need
  • contribute time and efforts for charities
  • involve in community activities

NJTaP assists Tamil people to connect together and to help each other in their needs.

NJTaP leads the Tamils for various charity and social causes not just in NJ but in places where Tamils need help.

2. Why become a member of NJTaP?

NJTaP wants to bring together all Tamils on a common platform for the Tamil society in NJ, focused on the needs of the Tamil people in New Jersey and also to connect Tamil people together for language, cultural and social causes. So, we request Tamil people to join and support us in this initiative.

NJTaP offers a common platform for all Tamils to unite together becoming a strong Tamil community to appreciate our heritage and cherish our values in language, arts, literature, traditional and contemporary music, dance, etc.

One would certainly have the opportunity to network with fellow Tamils to seek and get help, share the knowledge of living in America.

Join NJTaP to support Tamils one another. Reap all the benefits and possibilities that a community can provide.

3. What is the membership fee for NJTaP?

As a state registered non-profit organization, NJTaP charges a nominal fee for the annual membership just to cover the operating cost. The annual fee is applicable for a calendar year and renewed annually.

Annual Members will have a discount to programs held over the year.

Various membership options are available:

  • Single: $15
  • Family and children: $25 (Husband, Wife, and children)

4. What’s NJTaP structure?

NJTaP is managed by an Executive Board (EB) consisting of Advisory and Executive Councils. While Advisory Council (AC) will have 1 to 3 members, Executive Council (EC) will have 5 members titled as President, Vice President(Operations), Vice President(Finance), Coordinator (Member Services) and Coordinator(Programs). In addition, an Organizing Council(OC) of about 24 members will oversee different units including Cultural programs, Food, Ticketing, Communications, Marketing, etc

5. How NJTaP officers are chosen?

The officers to various levels of NJTaP are elected by voting and cannot be appointed by anyone.

  • All Annual members are members of General Body (GB)
  • A GB member in good standing for two consecutive years can nominate themselves for Organizing Council (OC).
  • GB members vote to elect OC
  • OC will vote to elect the 2 Coordinators and VP (Finance) of Executive Council (EC).

A sliding rule is followed such that;

  • President will go to the Advisory Council (AC)
  • VP(Operations) will be the President
  • VP(Finance) will be the VP(Operations)

Members of each council will hold their position for a year

6. How NJTaP is governed?

NJTaP is primarily governed by the bylaws. Detailed bylaws will be published soon.

7. Can I contribute to NJTaP besides just being a member?

Very much indeed. As a membership-based democratic organization, NJTaP provides space for everyone to contribute in a positive way to the organization.

Please indicate your interest as a volunteer while signing up as an Annual member here.